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If you haven’t figured it out already, she isn’t your typical stuffy, corporate marketing associate. With vibrant hair and loads of tattoos, there’s a reason working a 9 to 5 didn’t feel right.

Kristen is notorious for thinking outside of the box in ways that most people won’t. This outer world thinking helps businesses not only keep up with the times but also ahead of trends, potential catastrophes, and more. There’s nothing greater than being on top of a trend, but there’s also nothing worse than a catastrophe in or around your business.

In their spare time, you’ll find Kristen with her Golden Retriever glued to their side, whether that’s in the pool or while playing Xbox.


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Kristen has been featured on podcasts, Instagram live series, summits, publications, and more. Book a guest expert session or interview today on these topics. If there is a topic not listed that you’d like to collaborate on, feel free to contact.


Ethics + sustainability in business


prioritizing equity + inclusivity in your messaging as a business


intersectionality + whitewashing in marketing + politics in business


dealing with grief while running a business + emotional intelligence

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Client Reviews

During the first month, my profit grew about 4x. By the end of the 3 months, my sales had exploded. I could afford my daughter’s private school tuition and stay at home full time to do what I love! Kristen was really the backbone of my business while it was initially growing. She formed a track for my dreams, and I just had to stay consistent.”
When we started, my group was dead with about 500 members. It’s grown by hundreds per week. I went from making a couple of hundred per month to making $11k just by creating a community.
“If I had to describe working with Kristen in one word, it would be: Clarity.”

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Monday – Thursday: 11am EDT – 6pm EDT

Holidays – Varies

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Somewhere in Maryland

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