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So You Want to Build Your Brand™ is a downloadable workbook that is designed to dive into every single piece of your brand. Because the more we think about our brand in depth, the more we look at our brand from the customer /client’s eyes.

When you’re filling out this 29 page workbook, you’ll expand on anything from your values to your customer or client’s journey to the color psychology of your brand. It’s designed to make you think about each choice of your brand and why so that you take your brand from a basic b*tch household name to a changemaking brand.

The Build Your Own Brand™ workbook is 29 pages of information, journaling, and writing so you can take all of the thoughts and visions inside your head and finally put them on paper to create the brand of your dreams.

this is for

you if you’re:


finding your brand voice


revamping your brand


expanding your messaging


doing a brand audit for clients


creating more dynamic messaging

Pay what you can

Our pay what you can model* is designed to allow access to all business owners, from those creating their first side hustle to the revamp kings and queens in their 85th round of logos. For as little as $5, you’ll receive access to the So You Want to Build Your Brand™ workbook and start your road to the brand that changes your life – and even the world.

*Our pay what you can model was inspired by Michelle Murphy of The CEO Legal Loft.


Client Reviews

During the first month, my profit grew about 4x. By the end of the 3 months, my sales had exploded. I could afford my daughter’s private school tuition and stay at home full time to do what I love! Kristen was really the backbone of my business while it was initially growing. She formed a track for my dreams, and I just had to stay consistent.”
When we started, my group was dead with about 500 members. It’s grown by hundreds per week. I went from making a couple of hundred per month to making $11k just by creating a community.
“If I had to describe working with Kristen in one word, it would be: Clarity.”

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