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6-Figure social media audit™

Grab our signuature done for you PDF workbook that puts your business on track for its next six figures.

content calendar add-on

Add a 30 day done for you content calendar to your 6-Figure Social Media Audit™ so you have the best built in roadmap.

1 hour consulting session

This 60 minute session is for the business owner who knows they need actionable steps but aren’t sure what else they need or want when it comes to marketing their business.

4 week consulting intensive

This 30 day intensive is, well, intense. We take no time for fluff, and we get right to work mapping out and implementing inclusive strategies to make your goals inevitable for your business.

monthly voxer only consulting

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to work with Business Unfiltered, LLC with no commitment, this month-to-month Voxer only package is for you.

6-Month consulting package

Long term support leads to long term results, and even though you’ll see results by month three, we don’t stop there. We use months four through six to reassess, refine, and reimplement strategies with challenges that arise.

6-Figure Messaging™ Course

The three day road map to your next $100k. We focus on how to use inclusive messaging, building an engaged community, and sales that flow naturally through conversation. Bonus content workshop call available.

Rich bitch minimind©

This minimind is a four (4) week group intensive held through Voxer with two (2) live content workshops designed to refine your content to sell out your offer, your product, and /or your service.

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Client Reviews

During the first month, my profit grew about 4x. By the end of the 3 months, my sales had exploded. I could afford my daughter’s private school tuition and stay at home full time to do what I love! Kristen was really the backbone of my business while it was initially growing. She formed a track for my dreams, and I just had to stay consistent.”
When we started, my group was dead with about 500 members. It’s grown by hundreds per week. I went from making a couple of hundred per month to making $11k just by creating a community.
“If I had to describe working with Kristen in one word, it would be: Clarity.”

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