I received a note on a discussion board I did recently for grad school. (Hi, I’m currently getting my Masters in Legal Studies… and yes, I do realize I might be crazy to do all of this at once.)

My professor said, “Your thoughts are terrific; but, you may want to approach your writing a little more professionally.”

I also recently got an inquiry about my services from someone who later revealed themselves as a copywriter. After looking at my extremely brief descriptions, they gave me a long list of why they think they could do my job better than I could.

But here’s the thing:

While you want to attract customers, you’re not meant to put yourself in a box.

My writing, my marketing, my business isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who don’t want fluff. It’s for those who don’t want the bullshit buzzwords. (P.S. I was one class away from a minor in English in undergrad.)

And, I’m betting yours isn’t either.

You’re not meant to put yourself or your business in a box. Because what fun is that?

When most of us left the corporate world or started our business in the first place, we were looking to make money for one reason or another, of course… but we were also looking for that sense of freedom. And that includes not putting ourselves in the invisible boxes built by others.

Your product, your marketing, your business… it’s all unique; and you get to decide what that unique experience is for your consumer. That’s not for someone else to say.

So, the next time someone tells you that you “should” do something that just doesn’t feel good to you?

You have my permission to send them this post.


– Written 21 March 2023