rich bitch minimind©

have you ever

Written content that was so f*cking juicy then been let down because it didn’t get any engagement? Didn’t grow your community? Or (most disappointing of all) didn’t create a sale?

what if I told you

That it isn’t just you.

Most “gurus” nowadays will tell you that your content is:

    • Boring (and sometimes it is)
    • Not niched enough
    • Over saturated

But what they don’t tell you is that the online space wasn’t made for us as it is, as it stands today.

And we get to change that.

It’s not just about creating good or valuable content anymore.

It’s about building connection in your messaging.

What is it?

The Rich Bitch Minimind© is a four (4) week group experience to refine your messaging in your offer, for your product, and /or in your service package so you can go from a community that’s drier than the humor on The Office to a thriving little ecosystem that drives sales.

Your messaging is the key to creating your community. In order to create your community, you have to be seen as an expert in your field. Get rid of the bestie status and start taking up space in an industry you really give a sh*t about. Your messaging makes your mark for you, so you build a community that likes you for.. well, you.

We start on September 4.

This is for

you if:


you know your content is good, but it isn't converting the way you pictured when you hit "post."


"attraction marketing" isn't working for you like others promised it would /should.


your community sees you as a bestie, and not the expert you know you are.


you're only attracting one type of person and want to expand.


you feel like you're doing everything people tell you but just can't get your business past a certain income level.

What you get:

4 Weeks of Group Voxer Support

2 Live Content Workshops

My Feedback on Any /All of Your Content

Kristen has a very unique way of breaking things down, simplifying it, and then putting it back together. … Her patience and humour makes marketing actually fun.

– Becky C.

if you have a business and not sure of your content or wanting to understand more about how to place that content then this is a wonderful way to learn more.

– Jo F.

I definitely feel like I’m headed in the right direction now and this was the push I needed to make it happen.

– Cassie O.

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday: 11am EDT – 6pm EDT

Holidays – Varies

Contact Info

Somewhere in Maryland

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