The Usual

I’ve created a lot of blogs, and as always, the first post is usually dedicated to the housekeeping things:

  • The concept
  • What to expect
  • Topics

Here’s the thing

The creation of this blog comes at a time where I’m producing more evergreen content, and you get the benefit of it.

I don’t do blogs like “normal” people, so there isn’t paragraphs on paragraphs about my childhood or my therapy session before you get to the recipe.

You can expect

Tips, tricks, and golden nuggets of information on growing your product-based business I wouldn’t normally provide anywhere else.

Included in that is the longform version of the content I post on Instagram, Tiktok, and wherever else I may have a platform.

Possibly some personal feelings of business, but I don’t expect that to be habitual.

Topics that will be covered

  • Business growth
  • Creating engaged communities
  • Strategies that align with your lifestyle
  • Social Media
  • Ethics in business
  • Intersectionality in marketing

I’m sure this will evolve and change, just as I do. But for now, here’s a place to start.


– 6 March 2023