In order to grow your business to the next level, whether that’s income goal, product launch goal, or whatever else, creating a community of repeat buyers is essential.

What is an engaged community of repeat buyers, anyway?

This is just the long way to say something like “VIP Group” or your Instagram /Tiktok following or even your email list. If they engage with you – and you with them – and they are buying from you, then you have an engaged community (of repeat buyers, duh).

Why does having an engaged community matter?

This is arguably the most important question. The why matters more than the how, in my opinion.

You want an community in general to get eyes on your product. However, an engaged community is going to help you keep eyes on your product, whether it’s from the specific people inside the community or someone close to them (like maybe someone they send it to). For instance, if you post a product or video and a follower sees it and decides their friend would be interested in it, they may send it to them – creating up to five forms of engagement between two people.

If you weren’t counting: Person #1 would view it, like or comment, then share. Then Person #2 would view it and like or comment. (Or all of the above, which could be up to seven forms!)

So, where does the “repeat buyers” part come in?

Creating an engaged community is important, but you can have an engaged community who doesn’t buy – meaning you still have to get new eyes on your product, hoping to convert them into buyers. Whereas creating an engaged community of repeat buyers means you don’t have to constantly fight to get new eyes on your product because you’re actually selling to your current followers.

Where do you create an engaged community?

Where do you want to create it?

No, seriously! You can create your community wherever you please.

Most choose the typical Instagram or Facebook – even Tiktok or YouTube. Then, there are options like The Mighty, Heartbeat, Email Lists, Discord, even Reddit… the options are honestly endless.

The goal is just to have what I call the Central Hub for you to connect with your people, so they can talk to you back and see more of you.

How do you create an engaged community?

This part moreso depends on where you create it.

It’s usually as simple as creating some content and attracting or inviting people into your space.

What you want to avoid is the dreaded mass adding of people, because that’s a sure fire way to never create an engaged community nor repeat buyers – maybe even buyers in general.

What other questions do you have about creating a community?

Let me know!

– Written 13 March 2023