You know how to make sales. You’re not new to this. It’s time to utilize that and lean into the changemaker you’ve always envisioned your business to be.

We work with small businesses and micro businesses who desire to be loud and create change in society. These are the people who have what is known as a social enterprise.

Whether you’re a business in Maryland or across the pond, with our 7-figure marketing strategies and your product, there is no obstacle too small for Business Unfiltered, LLC.


We look at your objectives and key results to find the top things most important for your business to succeed in during our time together.


We take key performance indicators to narrow down a strategy to reach the goals you’ve set for your business.


We measure productivity to increase efficiency through a strategy of systems, because when efficiency is increased then effectiveness is increased.


We create a messaging strategy that is inclusive and focuses on a human-first approach that allows you to make money while also caring about your community.


We build out a customer acquisition system that focuses on relationships and building a community without causing burnout by being online 24/7.


We grow your sales by turning your community into repeat buyers without the need for sales tactics like relying on sales, scarcity, and manipulating pain points.

Client Reviews

During the first month, my profit grew about 4x. By the end of the 3 months, my sales had exploded. I could afford my daughter’s private school tuition and stay at home full time to do what I love! Kristen was really the backbone of my business while it was initially growing. She formed a track for my dreams, and I just had to stay consistent.”
When we started, my group was dead with about 500 members. It’s grown by hundreds per week. I went from making a couple of hundred per month to making $11k just by creating a community.
“If I had to describe working with Kristen in one word, it would be: Clarity.”

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