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ten Years of inclusive, human-first marketing


Create a messaging strategy that is inclusive and focuses on a human-first approach vs. the typical capitalistic profit-first approach.


Customer acquisition that focuses on relationships and building a community withut causing burnout by being online 24/7.


Turning your community into repeat buyers without the need for sales tactics like relying on sales, scarcity, or manipulating pain points.

product based

Online, in-person, or however you want to sell your product, your marketing is key to creating sell-out launches.

service based

Just because you’re a service-based business doesn’t mean your marketing is just limited to posting on Instagram.


The corporate space doesn’t have to mean your marketing strategy is stuffy and boring. Take a page out of Wendy’s® book and hire someone who makes it fun.


Becoming a coach is an industry on the rise, and your marketing has to stand out in order to attract the perfect clients.

About Us

Kristen Kubik (she/they) is the founder + CEO of Business Unfiltered, LLC. She has been in marketing since 2014, where they have worked for all types of corporations, small businesses, and sole proprieters.

From done for you with our infamous 6-Figure Social Media Audit™ to done with you services with our consulting packages, Kristen works closely in your business to ensure top notch growth.

At Business Unfiltered, LLC, we use human-first marketing strategy to focus on creating your community of repeat buyers to transform your small business into a society shifting brand. Kristen works
both virtually and with local Maryland businesses.

Experience You Can Trust

With ten years in the marketing industry, Kristen has no doubt seen a lot. The rise of influencers, coaches, and deceptive marketing practices from businesses led Kristen to go to law school to obtain their Masters in Legal Studies in Public Policy, focusing on ethical and lawful marketing.


proven community-building customer acquisition that makes you the talk of the town


Inclusive messaging strategy that allows customers /clients to feel like more than a number


ethical sales methods that drive repeat buyers consistently

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Client Reviews

During the first month, my profit grew about 4x. By the end of the 3 months, my sales had exploded. I could afford my daughter’s private school tuition and stay at home full time to do what I love! Kristen was really the backbone of my business while it was initially growing. She formed a track for my dreams, and I just had to stay consistent.”
When we started, my group was dead with about 500 members. It’s grown by hundreds per week. I went from making a couple of hundred per month to making $11k just by creating a community.
“If I had to describe working with Kristen in one word, it would be: Clarity.”

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